Terms of Service
Welcome to apply for the service provided by FTFTX. This agreement is jointly concluded by the service user (hereinafter referred to as the "user") and FTFTX. Please read all the following terms carefully. If the user does not agree to any content of these terms of service, please do not use the FTFTX service. Once the user opens the application, it shall be deemed to have approved and accepted all the terms of this agreement. After that, the user shall not make any form of defense for failing to read the content of these terms of service.
Service Content

Users must comply with the terms of service to use the information services provided by FTFTX. FTFTX does not promise to notify users in advance when the service starts, changes or ends.

Modification and revision of terms of service

In view of the particularity of Internet services, FTFTX has the right to modify the terms of service when necessary. Once the terms of service of FTFTX are changed, it will be prompted to modify the content on important pages. FTFTX reserves the right to modify or discontinue the free service at any time without notifying the user. FTFTX exercises the right to modify or discontinue free services without being responsible to users or third parties.


(1) The purpose of displaying information on the FTFTX page is to disseminate more information, which has nothing to do with the position of this website. FTFTX does not guarantee the accuracy, authenticity, completeness, validity, timeliness, originality, etc. of all or part of the information (including but not limited to text, data and charts). Relevant information has not been verified by this website and does not constitute any investment advice to you. Operate accordingly at your own risk.

(2) FTFTX does not guarantee that the service will meet the user's requirements, nor does it guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, safety, and accuracy of the service. FTFTX does not assume any responsibility for network service interruption, data loss, data damage or other defects caused by various reasons.

Copyright Notice

The content published on FTFTX, including but not limited to: text reports, pictures, sounds, videos, charts, logos, logos, advertisements, trademarks, trade names, domain names, software, programs, layout design and any or all information provided to users, For FTFTX owned or legal use, any media, website or individual may not reprint, extract or use the above content in other ways without the written authorization or consent of the relevant right holder; those that have been authorized or agreed shall be used within the scope of authorization or consent, And indicate "Source: FTFTX". Anyone who violates the above statement will be held accountable by this website.


In the event of a force majeure event as defined by the applicable law, the responsibility of the affected party will be suspended pending a solution. If the relevant judicial authority considers that any provision of the clause cannot be enforced, the provision shall be implemented within the maximum allowable scope, and the remaining provisions shall still be effective.